Leading the way to change: Tender rebrand celebrates kindness

Marking the charity’s 20th anniversary, Tender’s rebrand by design agency Osch and illustrator Ellie Ross-Wilkinson is a celebration of its creativity and commitment to kindness.

Launched in 2003, Tender was founded by Tamsin Larby, producer of The Vagina Monologues, whose experience in theatre revealed how performance could be used to engage people in the prevention of abuse. Using drama and creativity, Tender’s programmes give people the chance to explore healthy relationships, understand when behaviour is harmful, and play their part in preventing domestic abuse and sexual violence.

Tender’s last rebrand was 12 years ago, and since then the charity has evolved and grown.  Having expanded outside of London, they now have a national audience and, in addition to their long-running work in schools, training programmes in universities and workplaces.

One of the most visible transformations in Tender’s rebrand is the logo. While the heart motif, symbolic of love and compassion, has remained central, it has evolved to reflect connection and warmth. The new logo alludes to hands coming together – a handshake or an embrace – a powerful representation of the unity, support and collaboration that is at the core of Tender’s work. 

Tender’s rebrand also features a more optimistic voice and tone – using language of hope, empowerment and change. The strapline has undergone a transformation to align more closely with this optimistic outlook, making their message more accessible to children in primary schools.

Susie McDonald, CEO of Tender said: ‘Over the past twenty years, Tender has grown from five London projects to a nationwide charity, supporting thousands of children, young people and adults and driving policy to end domestic abuse and sexual violence.

‘Centred on our commitment to compassion, empathy and respect, our new brand embodies Tender’s journey to the present day – and our ambitions for the future. From our new logo to our vibrant new website, this brand will help us reach even more people with our innovative creative programmes, embedding healthy attitudes and preventing abuse throughout the UK.’

In a world where abuse in relationships continues to be present, Tender is leading the way to change. With two decades of experience, a renewed brand, and unwavering commitment to their cause, Tender looks forward to the next 20 years with renewed vigour, ready to make an even greater impact on the lives of countless individuals.