Meet our new Research & Impact Manager Maddie Holderness

Maddie Holderness portrait

‘Violence is the more visible outcome of deep-rooted attitudes and beliefs’

Madeleine Holderness joined Tender in 2020 when she volunteered for our Youth Board, before joining the staff as Senior Projects Coordinator in 2022. She is now stepping up to become Tender’s new Research & Impact Manager!

Tell us about your new role

I am hugely excited to be taking on the role of Research & Impact Manager. I will be overseeing Tender’s monitoring and evaluation processes, seeking to improve how we understand the needs of our beneficiaries, analyse our impact and identify how our approach can be most effective in preventing gender-based violence and domestic abuse.

Why did you first get involved with Tender?

I was initially drawn to Tender because it drew on so many of my interests.

My MA in Gender, Violence and Conflict taught me how violence is the more visible outcome of deep-rooted attitudes and beliefs that support it. Tender’s approach changes young people’s perspectives so they don’t continue to perpetrate these attitudes, and helps them gain the vocabulary to advocate for healthier, more supportive, relationships. It’s a mission I find incredibly important.

Tender’s connection with theatre was also really appealing – I know how these spaces can really build people’s confidence. Using it as a tool for social change is something pretty magical that I wanted to get involved with! 

Using drama as a tool for social change is something pretty magical!

What’s your highlight of working at Tender so far?

A particular highlight has been coordinating and facilitating Tender’s Youth Board meetings. Having been a member myself, it was great to take a behind-the-scenes look at how we bring youth voice into Tender’s work and governance. It’s been a brilliant opportunity to work with all teams in the organisation to incorporate the perspectives of this amazing group of clever and creative young people. They really encourage Tender to keep driving our work forward!

What’s important to you about Tender’s work and mission?

I feel strongly that Tender’s internal culture reflects our message of healthy relationships and support, just as much as in our work in schools, universities and workplaces.

I’ve made lots of friends here and have been really encouraged professionally to build on my interests and knowledge of the VAWG and education sectors, learning from a creative team with incredible specialist knowledge. I think that with this as the basis of how our work takes place on a day-to-day level: our mission to build a society based on care and respect feels much more achievable, as it’s starting from such a positive place.

Finally, what do you get up to in your spare time?

Recently, I have been spending lots of time taking myself for swims at Hampstead Heath ponds! I also love trips to the cinema, and making wholesome dinners with friends!

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