The importance of relationships education: Sky News visits Tender workshop

Sky News visits a Tender workshop to explore the importance of specialist relationship education.

Sky News has visited a Tender workshop at Mulberry Academy Woodside to find out how Tender is educating young people about healthy relationships to prevent abuse and violence in adult life.

Through RSHE was made compulsory for all schools in 2020, Tender have raised concerns that its delivery is inconsistent and staff teaching the subject have not had adequate preparation and training.

Tender CEO Susie McDonald said:

‘While relationship education in schools isn’t consistently good across the country, young people are often accessing relationship education through online media.

‘So they may be gaining information from places like pornography and making assumptions therefore about what their relationships should be like; which is often very, very harmful and very misogynistic.’

Susie was joined by Director of the End Violence Against Women (EVAW) Coalition, Andrea Simon, who said:

‘Giving young people the education and tools they need to identify and challenge abuse is vital if we are to have any hope of reducing the likelihood of abuse in adult relationships, addressing the prevalence of violence against women and girls across society, and building radically different futures where everyone thrives.’

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