Tender joins the Big Give’s Women and Girls Match Fund Campaign!

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Support Tender to deliver five projects to neurodivergent young women and girls

Between 11th and 18th of October, Tender will be taking part in the Big Give Women and Girls Match Fund campaign!  

We are raising funds to deliver five projects aimed at preventing abuse and promoting healthy relationships between neurodivergent girls, young women and their peers.  

Neurodivergent young people can experience barriers to accessing relationships education, citing experiences of being infantilised or receiving less RSE at school (Brook, 2021; FRSH 2023). For neurodivergent and disabled young people, their risk of experiencing domestic or sexual violence can be two to three times higher – with disabled women girls being the most affected (ONS, 2021). 

The projects will focus on our resource ‘Relationship Goals’: an online game created by Tender in partnership with neurodivergent young people. 

Each 9 hour project will include:  

  • 1.5 hours of relationship building between Tender staff and the young people taking part  
  • 7.5 hours of arts-based activities and online game ‘Relationship Goals’, tailored appropriately to the group’s age and specific needs. These will include topics such as communication, online safety and consent. 

Through ‘rehearsing’ scenarios, building knowledge and strengthening their support networks, girls, young women and their peers will develop the skills for happy, healthy relationships, and to seek support if they experience or witness abuse. 

One recent beneficiary commented: ‘I think playing this game will help me get more confident trying to have a relationship in the real world.’

‘Relationship Goals’ digitally records participants’ progress through the game, the choices they make, and their answers to quiz questions at the end of each level, measuring their growth in skills and knowledge.